Call Box


1. Receive the Gate Call:
– When your guest arrives at the gate and dials your code from the callbox, you will receive a call from the number 912-287-7903. It’s important to save this number in your phone contacts for future reference, as it is the gate caller ID.

2. Answer the Call:
– When your phone rings and displays the gate caller ID (912-287-7903), answer the call as you would with any other incoming call.

3. Press “1#” to Grant Access:
– After answering the call, you will be able to talk to your guest for a few seconds, then press “1#” on your phone’s keypad. This action will trigger the gate to open, allowing your guest to enter the premises.

4. Gate Code Reminder:
– It’s essential to note that your gate code alone doesn’t grant automatic access to your guest. You must answer the call and press the designated number (“1#”) to activate the gate’s opening mechanism.

5. Alternative Option Without an Entry Card:
– If you don’t have an Entry Card, you can call yourself from the gate’s call box. Follow these steps:
– Approach the gate call box.
– Dial your own code number from the call box.
– Answer the call when it comes to your phone.
– Follow the same procedure as mentioned earlier: press “1#” to grant access to your guest.

6. Purchase an Entry Card:
– Entry Cards are a convenient way to grant access without needing to answer the gate calls. To obtain an Entry Card, please contact the management company at 866-205-2250. They will help you to acquire one.

By following these steps and ensuring your guests are familiar with this process, you can streamline their entry into your gated community while maintaining security and access control.

If you have any questions, please call the management company for help. Phone: 866-205-2250